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  • 高中英語 地點、讓步、比較、目的、結果、方式狀語從句



    1. (2015安徽高考)______ scientists have learned a lot about the universe, there is much we still don't know.

    A. Once

    B. Since

    C. Though

    D. Unless

    2. (2015安徽高考)______ he once felt like giving up, he now has the determination to push further and keep on going.

    A. Where

    B. As

    C. In case

    D. Now that

    3. (2015湖南高考)_______ the job takes a significant amount of time, most students agree that the experience is worth it.

    A. If only

    B. After

    C. Although

    D. In case

    4. (2015浙江高考)_______ a single world can change the meaning of a sentence, a single sentence can change the meaning of a paragraph.

    A. Just as

    B. Even though

    C. Until

    D. Unless

    5. (2015福建高考)_______ the students came from different countries, they got along quite well in the summer camp.

    A. While

    B. Unless

    C. Since

    D. Until

    6. Hot _______the night air was, we slept deeply because we were so tired after the long journey.

    A. although

    B. as

    C. while

    D. however

    7. —Look at those clouds!

    — Don’t worry. ______ it rains, we’ll still have a great time.

    A. Even if

    B. As though

    C. In case

    D. If only

    8. Everything was placed exactly __________ he wanted it for the graduation ceremony.

    A. while

    B. when

    C. where

    D. though

    9. I don't believe we've met before, _________ I must say you do look familiar.

    A. therefore

    B. although

    C. since

    D. unless


    高中英語 地點、讓步、比較、目的、結果、方式狀語從句相關文檔


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