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  • 狀語從句及其他從句對比練習



    1. 1) He is such a man ___ doesn't keep his promise.

    2) He is such a kind-hearted man ___ we all respect him.

    A. who B. that C. as D. whom

    2.1) Was it October 1,1949 ___ the People's Republic of China was founded ?

    2) Was it on October 1,1949 ___ the People's Republic of China was founded ?

    A. in which B. on that C. that D. when

    3. 1) It must have rained last night,___ the ground is wet.

    2) He is absent ___ he is ill.

    3)___ you are free today, you may have a rest.

    since (Since) B. for(For)

    C. because(because) D. as long as(As long as)

    4. 1) We don't know ___ he will come unless told.

    2) We didn't know ___ he would come until told.

    A. that B. whether C. if not D. how long

    5. 1) His pen is red ___ mine is black.

    2) He was about to start ____ it began to rain.

    3) He hurried home, looking behind ___ he went.

    A. when B. as C. while D. since

    6. 1) I'll write to you ___ I arrive in London.

    2) I had hardly arrived in London ___ I wrote to you.

    3) I had no sooner arrived in London ___ I wrote to you .


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