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  • 人教新課標英語課文佳句背誦與仿寫



    必修一 Unit 1 Friendship

    1.答案:I wondered if it was because I was so rude that Mr Smith was so angry with me.

    【模仿2】答案:He wonders whether it is because her friends are so concerned about her that she has calmed herself down.

    2.【模仿1】答案:I can well remember it was a hard time when he suffered a lot physically and mentally.

    【模仿2】答案:In Chinese history, there was a time when China encouraged trade with the rest of the world.

    3. 【模仿1】答案:It is the first time that we have talked about this issue face to face.

    【模仿2】答案:It was the second time that he had joined in the discussion about how to do with the problem.

    Unit 2 English around the world

    1.【模仿1】答案:With these words, please make up a sentence that can describe what you feel in your mind.

    【模仿2】答案:With different colors, he painted a picture that showed the change of his hometown..

    2.【模仿1】答案:After class I like to play football and basketball and take part in some interesting activities such as dancing and singing.

    【模仿2】答案:During the tour in the UK, we visited museums, castles and some places of interest such as some parks and gardens.

    Unit 3 Travel journal

    1.【模仿1】答案:It is the green shade from the trees that protect us from the sun, making us feel more energetic.

    【模仿2】答案:It is not until the 29th Olympic Games were hosted in China that the world completely experience the charm of Chinese culture.

    【模仿3】答案:He invested a car factory where he was born and grew up, which produced 10,000 cars per year.

    【模仿4】答案:Where food is hard to find, few birds remain throughout the year.

    Unit 4 Earthquakes

    1.【模仿1】答案:The Li Yuchun phenomenon, however, goes far beyond her voice, which even the most ardent fans admit is pretty weak

    【模仿2】答案:It is reported that heart disease and cancer are now the top killers of middle-aged people in China, which give us a warming.

    2.【模仿1】答案:More than 20 days of drought and high temperatures since early July have hit the population of Chongqin, 50% of whom are in a state of a severe lack of water.

    【模仿2】答案:There were 662 people who competed in the selection of Olympic mascots, of whom 611 were from the Chinese mainland, 12 from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and 39 from abroad.

    Unit 5 Nelson Mandela- a modern hero

    1. 【模仿1】答案:Can you think of a situation where you once felt embarrassed?

    【模仿2】答案:The reason why(= for which) he was late for school was unbelievable.




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